Ageless Fashion/Endless Choices

There are many folks out there telling us what to wear as we age—what to wear, what not to wear, how to look and what to cover up. My philosophy is a whole lot less black and white and a whole lot more gray (mixed with pink, green, blue, and purple).

As we age, we have to make a lot of choices about how we want to look. But haven’t we always had to make these choices? I know I have. I was born with narrow shoulders, so I’ve nixed most collars and elaborate shoulder lines. The 70’s were killers in this regard, yet the bolstered shoulders of the 80’s were a godsend. If you think about it, you too have made choices throughout your lifetime based on your hair color, body type, and preferences. For it’s only the very young who will put anything on that’s popular and assume that they look great.

What’s different now from our salad days, however is that we don’t fall into the demographic profile of those to whom the fashion industry caters—girls and women between the ages of 12 and 45. But that doesn’t mean that we must resort to granny dresses. It means that we have to take a little more time and effort into our choices.

This section is devoted to helping us with choices. As we age, some of us may shift our image to reflect a newly discovered emerging self. Others of us may find that retirement forces frugality and the need to dress on a tighter budget. Some of us may start traveling more or taking on new responsibilities, thereby creating a need for different clothing. And then there’s the issue of our changing bodies. We all grapple with this and must come to terms as to how we intend to deal with it.

It’s a tall order, but we’re a lucky generation. For we have no need to settle into a socially dictated mode of dress as our grandmothers and some of our mothers did. We have choices, and we’re free to make them.

Ever wonder what your inner goddess has to say about your appearance?

Take this fun quiz and let me know what you find out.

BTW: My inner goddess is Metis. I can go along with that.

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