It’s All in the Eyes

No other area of our face tells the world who we are and what we’re about than do our eyes. Eyes have been associated with the soul since the beginning of time. So, enhancing eyes with makeup has been part of the human desire to open our soul to the world  is prehistoric. It’s well known that the early Sumerians and Egyptians darkened their eyes. But what’s not as commonly known is that pots for holding kohl and ocher were found alongside skeletons at Cro-Magnon burial sites. Today, it’s no less true that the eyes have it when it comes to expressing our inner and outer beauty.


To ensure that we give full expression to our eyes as we age, we need to shift how we use eye makeup. Because of the slight loss of our eye color over time, loosening skin on our lids, and the darkening of our under-eye area the products and colors we used in our younger years will no longer do. We also should pay attention to the loss of color, shape, and fullness of our eyebrows so that our eyes are framed properly. This video is of my eye-area makeover by Toni, the director of education for Chanel at Nordstrom, Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. She was joined by Christina, the Manager of Chanel cosmetics for the store. The video picks up after Toni had applied my foundation, concealer, highlighter and blush. You’ll hear Toni explain what she is doing and the products she is using (see below for product details). A big thanks goes to Zelda Gilbert for live-streaming the makeover on Periscope ( The hearts you’ll notice on the screen are from the live viewers who liked what they were seeing. Seems that there’s a lot of interest in how to create the most beautiful eyes possible.

Chanel collage


Shadows: Les 4 Ombres 226 tusse rivoli

Liner: Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil Blond Clair

Eyebrow Pencil: Stylo Yeux Waterproof Santal


4 thoughts on “It’s All in the Eyes

      1. Hi Karen,
        I admired your eyes the first time I saw you on our Holy Land trip. I too feel like the eyes are our most important feature. But with age and stress mine are looking dull and lifeless. Do you have any tricks to put some life back in them. Also where can we purchase your book? Thank you Dorsie

        1. Thank you, Dorsie. I appreciate your kind words. The book is old, but the information is still sound. You can get it on I’ll get back to you regarding your eyes. I want to consult with an aesthetician before I give you any advice. Have a great weekend.

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