Best Bright Eyes Possible


Eyes often are the first place where we see the early the signs of aging. Fortunately, there are many steps we can take to slow down and/or diminish the process. The following tips are offered by aesthetician, Fran Carroll, who has taken care of women in the Austin area for over two decades.


Upper Lid

Droop: Unfortunately, no products are on the market for this. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is the only thing available.


Under Eye

productsDark Circles & Puffiness: They are caused by genetics, allergies or other health issues. To combat the circles, drink plenty of water; reduce caffeine, alcohol and salt; and apply cool cucumber slices or cool moist tea bags to the eyes while resting. Eye creams are available that help with puffiness, such as, Skinceuticals A.G.E. Interrupter Eye Cream. Finally, apply Benefit’s Lemon Aid (one of my favorite cosmetic products) under and above the eyes before applying makeup.

Hint: At night when applying eye cream, gently pat the cream on top of the orbital bone. As you recline and your skin warms the product, it will move to the target zone. If you apply the cream all over the lid, it will creep into your eyes as you sleep and cause puffiness at dawn.

under eye surgeryLaxity: I have not found the miracle cream to tighten the fragile skin under the eyes. Again, I think cosmetic surgery may be the only option after trying the above tricks.



Smile Lines

Botox followed by filler injections is an option. Laser will also smooth and tighten the area around the eye but is expensive and has a short downtime.


color contacts

Faded Irises

Color contacts! I often wear turquoise contacts to brighten my eyes.



Make sure the brows are shaped well to frame the eyes.



Curl those lashes before applying mascara so they arch, thereby making your eye look larger.


Other Suggestions


Yoga: Perfect exercise for anything that ails you. It helps with the circulation of lymph and cell renewal.


Smile: Seek joy every day and wear colors that flatter your complexion. People don’t notice crows’ feet on happy, healthy and vibrant women.



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