Fall Match-Ups

When my husband, Bud, thinks about fall match-ups, he’s got Notre Dame football in mind. But, when I talk about fall match-ups, I’m talking clothes. Autumn is my favorite season, and the colors, textures and fabrics of fall send me into a happy dance.

My fall wardrobe takes some planning. I rarely buy anything so outside-the-box that it can’t be worn with at least half the things in my existing wardrobe. I don’t remember when I started doing this, but I know it wasn’t a conscious decision. Over the years, new things began to simply fit into my scheme of dressing. This is neither an innovation on my part nor something that hasn’t been discussed hundred times. But like old books that we reread over and again because they offer great wisdom, each season it’s good to drag this basic wardrobe principle out and put it to use.

Below are most of the new items I’ve bought for fall. Not being much of a mathematician, I can’t guess how many outfits can be put together from them. But I’m betting that they, combined with what’s already in my closet, will get me through the fall and early winter in fine style. Just so you know, I’ve not included jewelry, scarves and other small items that will increase my outfit possibilities exponentially.

Tops and Blouses

Boho tops copy

IMG_1789 copy

This is an interesting, diverse grouping. On the first row are casual, boho blouses that I’ll dress up or down, depending on the occasion. The next row contains a long-sleeved knit tee that I plan to layer with other tops. Having easy-to-combine basics in my wardrobe is a must because most of my days are taken up with writing, walking the dog, trips to the grocery, etc. I want to look good but don’t need to get too spiffed up. I’m really liking the top in the middle, a cropped faux suede blouse that can take me just about anywhere. All I have to do is throw it over a pair of jeans, pull on a pair of booties, grab a bag and I’m good for the day. The third top looks blue in the photo but actually is a sheer black knit cardigan–perfect for whatever comes my way.

Pants and Jeans


I have a closet-full of skirts and pants, so my goal for fall was to update what I have. I’m loving the grays this season, and I’m excited about flared jeans coming back. The cargoes and straight-legged black pants are primarily replacements for older ones that I’ve worn too hard for too too long.



I’m in love with jumpsuits this season, and the black, cotton knit on the left is great for this time of year. It won’t be getting cold in either my West Texas ranch/farm community or the Metroplex (Dallas/Fort Worth area) for at least another month, if not two. The jean dress doubles as a dress and a duster. I’ve got high hopes for it in the coming weeks. The 2/3 jacket is another faux suede item. I live in suede and leather during the winter, but it’s way too warm to wear them where I live in the first half of fall.



I bring in most of my color, texture and patterns via bags and shoes. There’s rarely been a purse that I didn’t like, and these caught my fancy over the past few weeks. I’ve already started carrying the brown suede and multi-color cross-body. The brick red bag will arrive on my doorstep early next week.



I’ve saved the best for last! As much as I love bags, I love shoes more. It’s no contest whenI have to choose between a new garment and a new pair of shoes. The shoes win. In this, I’m an innocent bystander. Both grandmothers, my mother, and a handful of great aunts had shoes on the brain. We’re now into the fourth generation of shoe loving women in my family. Who am I to question genetics?

 When you look back at these items, you can see all kinds of possibilities–American casual, Western, boho, West Coast/LA, Designer casual and my personal eclectic style. There’s not much in the way of formal or elegant haute couture items here. I prefer to select these things as needed so that I can fit the outfit to the occasion. Later, I work them into my regular wardrobe. I have no problems wearing a pair of designer dress pumps and a silk blouse with a pair of jeans and boots. In fact, I feel great in that look.

So, this is my fall mix-n-match story. I’m still a few items shy of my goal–a silky spaghetti-strapped top in Marsala, a faux fur vest or two, and something in mustard. These won’t be hard to find.

Once I’m done collecting things, all I’ll need is a crisp day.

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