Four Low Cost Ways to Fight Wintertime Blahs

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I love cold weather, but I get tired of the gray days that go along with the lower temperatures. Here’s a list of quick pick-me-ups that help me fight the monotony of winter. Wear something bright. Generally, I buy neutral-colored clothes. But I love combining them with accessories in saturated hues—hats, bags, gloves, scarves. I […]

New Year’s Resolution? Not Exactly

A planned day of spending time with a grown up daughter turned into a bonding experience organizaing a messy closest. (Chris Erskine/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

New Year’s resolutions don’t work for me. Come the third week in January they’re ancient history. This is because they usually involve developing new habits to replace well-ingrained bad ones I’ve curried for years—eating less, starting a new exercise program, meditating upon waking. These and the likes take more dedication than I can muster. I […]