Four Low Cost Ways to Fight Wintertime Blahs

I love cold weather, but I get tired of the gray days that go along with the lower temperatures. Here’s a list of quick pick-me-ups that help me fight the monotony of winter.

IMG_1245 copyWear something bright. Generally, I buy neutral-colored clothes. But I love combining them with accessories in saturated hues—hats, bags, gloves, scarves. I guarantee this trick will raise your spirits.

RV_Bold_Ultra_HD_Lipstick_5Group_600Av1Buy a new lipstick.  I treasured exploring cosmetic counters with my mother when I was a little girl–especially the times she let me pick out a color for her. I’ve never gotten over the thrill of finding a new shade. If lipstick isn’t your thing, try a new  perfume, a new shade of eye shadow or cheek color.

Panties finalSpice up your life. Treat yourself to the laciest panties available. Wear them on cold days under all the layers and give the folks you meet on the street an ‘I’ve got a secret’ smile. They won’t have a clue what’s on your mind, but you’ll have a ball looking like the cat that ate the canary.

teaMake someone happy.  Carry a bag of warm mittens, caps, scarves, etc. with you when you’re running errands and give them to homeless people that you encounter. Take a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee to a shut-in and stay for a visit. Bake cookies and share them with the neighborhood kids. Treat a co-worker to lunch. It doesn’t take a lot to brighten up someone’s life, and it will brighten yours up, too.

This is a short list, but there are hundreds of small measures you can take to boost the wintertime blues. Likely, you have suggestions to add to the list. Please share them with us.



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