From Runway to Closet. The Best of Spring 2016

For most of us, using Seventh Avenue’s predictions for the upcoming season is a matter of adaptation. Even my most avid fashionista friends don’t carry Vogue along when they shop. And if they did, they’d mix and match items to suit themselves. For, what keeps a fab look from being a cliché is  taking what’s new and making it your own.

As I’ve aged, I’ve layered in a factor in addition to individuality when it comes to what goes into my closet—my aging body. You know me better than to think I’m into dress codes. But I have a darn good idea of what I look like in the mirror. And some of my parts are don’t need public exposure. On the positive side, I have some great parts that deserve attention.

Below I’ve taken Huntington Post’s Senior Style Editor, Julee Wilson’s, 12 fashion trends for spring* and tailored them to my taste and body. The pics on the left are hers; those on the right are my choices.

Off the Shoulder


Off-the-shoulder, also called cold-shoulder this spring, works for me because I have nice shoulders. What doesn’t look so good are my upper arms. I inherited many fine genes from my maternal line, but shapely upper arms past age 50 wasn’t one of them. So, smaller open areas work best for me. For versatility, I love the solid black rather than the print  (Chico’s).

Strappy Heels


I love to show off my feet and adore the Prada’s on the left. But, my pocketbook doesn’t support pricey, trendy shoes unless I can wear them with everything I own–to my grave. The Via Spigas (right) give me the look and color without having to raid my IRA.  (Nordstrom)



I’m not a ruffle person, so this adaptation took a bit of work. I love the color combo on the runway outfit. Beyond that, it wouldn’t look good on me, even if I was a ruffle person. I don’t wear sleeveless tops, outfits with belted waists or bold, diagonal stripes. Yet, by shifting the ruffle to the hem of a boho dress I get something I can wear all spring, and then again this fall. (Free People)

Slouchy Pants

UntitledPants that are loose from top to bottom and the best on me. This leaves me with a choice between looser tops and slimmer hems or vice-versa. Since I picked up a pair of loose-legged, taupe pants that fit my waist and hips back in February, I’m opting for white ones that are loose in the hips. (BCBG)

Dramatic Sleeves

UntitledThe runway dress is exquisite, but not cut for me. And I don’t often have occasions to wear that style. However, I’m head-over-heels about the orange top from BCBG MaxAzria. It can be dressed up, dressed down and go just about everywhere.

Subtle Florals


The designer outfit is exceptional, and I can see myself wearing it. But it’s not something I would add to my wardrobe without knowing where I would wear it. I’ll keep it in mind should the right occasion come along. For everyday, I can’t go wrong with the duster from Soft Surroundings.

Embellished Handbags

UntitledFun purses add whimsy to even the most understated outfit. I’m not crazy about the one from HR because it doesn’t reflect who I am. And I’m not wild about the designer price.  Instead, I’ve picked a cutie from that cost less than $100.

Tie Dye Prints

UntitledWhile liking the style of the dress on the runway, I’m no longer comfortable showing so much skin. More problematic is that I look like I’ve been dead for years in that shade of green. The dress on the right nails my criteria–great colors for me, an over-the-knee hemline, 3/4 length sleeves and a flattering bust line. (Nordstrom)

Knife Pleats

IMG_1355 copy

Despite being lovely, there’s no way I could wear the runway dress with my dignity in tact. On the other hand, there’s everything to like about the one I found at Mango. Because of the length, I’ll wear it as a tunic over skinny ankle pants.

Statement Sneakers

IMG_1360 copy

I like the look of the runway shoes, but the high cut across the instep would hurt my high arch. This isn’t an aging thing but something I’ve grappled with all my life. While I’d like to have rope trim, the Adidas by Stella McCartney ain’t too shabby (Bloomingdale’s)

Bucket Hats/Matchy Matchy Prints




While I’m all about hopping onto spring’s fashion train, I’m not about to ride every car. My face isn’t made for bucket hats; and I hate the matchy matchy trend. I don’t even wear matching pajama tops and bottoms. So, I’ll keep my money, and sit these two out.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas you can use about adopting and adapting runway trends. That’s what personal style is–taking what you like, modifying that which doesn’t suit you and turning a blind eye to the things that don’t tell your story. Happy spring shopping!



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