Not Yo Mamma’s Legs

I owe Mother an apology. I remember looking at her legs and wondering why she didn’t do something about the ugly white flakes. Why did an otherwise well-groomed woman allow those alligator legs! Sometime during my middle decades I realized that scaly legs are a curse of the menopausal class. Then as I began to fight my own war against ashy calves it hit me that our moms and grandmas did best they could with what was available at the time–a good scrub followed with cream. But scrubbing with a cloth, or even a stiff brush, can’t make a dent in the accumulation of the dead skin cells that cling to us like brambles as we age. And creams can’t work unless the scale is removed.

When it comes to sloughing, buffing and moisturizing, we’re light-years ahead of previous generations. I’m not saying that it’s easy to staunch the scale. But it’s doable.

Through trial and error with products and procedures, I’ve developed a leg/foot care regime that allows me to scoot through sandal season relatively scale free.

1. Getting pedicures and professional leg exfoliation is a must throughout the year. But as the weather warms from winter to spring I bump up the frequency of my visits and indulge in the deluxe packages.

IMG_1382 copy2. The socks and boots that warm us during the winter suck the moisture out of our feet. By March, they’re akin to the dead leaves of fall. When spring rolls around I double my efforts at home at sloughing in between professional treatments, using an Amope Pedi Perfect roller. This gets rid of and prevents cracks, rough skin and calluses. Sometimes I do it every night.

Paste3. Moving from my feet to my legs, at least twice a week I use Rodan+Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste to remove the build-up of dead skin, paying special attention to my knees, ankles and the tops of my feet.

Roller4. Following the abrasion paste, I use a R + F roller on my legs and ankles. The tiny needles prep my skin to better absorb products.

Tan5. Another sad fact of aging is that we don’t tan as well or as evenly as we once did.  I use R+F Foaming Instant Tan to give me some color. For good reason, tanning products have gotten a bad rap. But this stuff works! No streaking, no orange tinge and no mess. No lie!

Moist6. I finish off my legs with R+F body moisturizer to keep my skin soft and to boost the life of the tanning foam.

foots7. Finally, at night I rub O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet on my feet and ankles and wear protective, moisture-retaining socks for about 20 minutes until it soaks in.


There are lots of pedi-care products on the market and as many procedures to follow. If you’re not satisfied with your legs and feet, experiment. No one regimen or set of products works for everybody. The trick is to figure out what does best for you and stick with it.

Happy feet!







2 thoughts on “Not Yo Mamma’s Legs

  1. I had a pedicure a couple of weeks ago and felt like a million dollars. Legs and feet are parts of our body that can be neglected and as I run a lot they need all the help they can get. I’ve been looking at that roller to remove dead skin it looks great. Thanks for some valuable tips you’ve made me feel guilty so I”m off to exfoliate and moisturize my legs and feet!

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