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After two month’s hiatus (better put, a ‘build-atus’ while I worked on my women’s center) I’m at my Mac and raring to write.

I can’t stay away from the shopping arena for too long without going crazy-pants. So, while I’ve been up-to-my-neck in construction I’ve remained sane by combing my nearby retail scene. What a treasure!

Our house in Fort Worth is within walking distance of more small retailers than I can count. But have I taken advantage of them? Oh, no! I’ve been driving past them on my way to Nordstrom and Neiman’s. My bad!

CroppedThe first neighborhood gem I found was Keeping Up with the Jonses, a mini-wonderland of state-of-the art fashion–but not any and all fashion. Owners Alice Shook Jones (above left) and Judy Jones Rotzoll (above right) know their West Fort Worth customers down to the last detail. That’s the beauty of successful boutiques.

ImageUnlike department stores that cater to the mass public, small retailers must analyze their clientele until there’s no doubt about what they want. Walking into Keeping Up With the Jonses is like taking a mini-tour of the closets of the area’s young, urban and affluent women who have a taste for cutting-edge brands. Proof positive of Alice and Judy”s eye for trends is the Sfizio & Beatrice b outfit (above) that was featured in the May issue of Indulge magazine.

UntitledGrapeless jeans copy In addition to edgier styles, Keeping Up With The Jonses stocks unique casual brands, such as Dizzy Lizzy (top left) and US-made Finley shirts (top right). Below is a pair of Gripeless Jeans with a Finley oversized shirt. These updated classics fit the Southwestern summer lifestyle to a tee with unique fabrics and styles that work no matter what the temperature.

initial Moon and Lola bracelet bar copy

cotton ball

And there’s the jewelry. Don’t come looking for the large, national brands. Instead, you’ll find a host of jewelry makers who specialize in limited distribution. Have a unique initial piece made to order (top left) or try the Moon & Lola bracelet bar, where you can craft your own look (top right). One of my faves is their collection of Loren Bell, especially his cotton ball items. Made from silk fibers, the balls have the sheen of pearls (Bottom). I bought a pair of Bell’s cotton ball earrings and have worn them this summer with everything from jeans to silk dresses.

Keeping Up With The Jonses is located at 6323 Camp Bowie Blvd, # 107 (Inside AriaSalt) Fort Worth, TX (817) 995-0787                                                 Facebook

While Keeping Up With The Jonses was my first neighborhood find, it wasn’t the last. In upcoming blogs I’ll fill you in on the other goldmines I’ve found. In the meantime, I hope my foray into small, local retailer will inspire you to check out your area.



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  1. Love this. Too much time doing online shopping when there are interesting and charming boutiques to be explored. Thanks for the nudge!

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